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Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen As a Fuel – The Do’s and Dont’s

Hydrogen As A Fuel – Some safety considerations

For many organisations, Hydrogen is a relatively new consideration due to a lack of products that utilise hydrogen for operation. Well, that is definitely changing as more and more products come onto the market utilising Hydrogen as a power source and as our shift to renewable energies intensifies. As such, there needs to be much education about Hydrogen and its associated hazards for circumstances such as transportation, storage and safe handling. The below video is thought-provoking as it discusses the safety elements that need to be considered when utilising your Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) Hydrogen drone.



Hydrogen Compressed (Hydrogen as a Fuel) – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

For those wanting to reference the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Compressed Hydrogen please refer to the link below. An MSDS is a document that provides health and safety information about products, substances or chemicals that are classified as hazardous substances or dangerous goods.



MSDS Compressed Hydrogen

MSDS sheets give a wealth of information including but not limited to the following:-

  • the product (its name, ingredients and properties)
  • who manufactured or imported it
  • how the product can affect your health
  • how to use and store it safely

What is the Process for Refilling Hydrogen Tanks?

In a historic agreement, Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) partnered with Coregas in Australia for the supply and filling of DMI hydrogen tanks. With numerous options to get your tanks filled it really comes down to geographic location, volumes and convenience. Enterprise customers may already have an account with Coregas and as such already have an existing workflow of pickup and drop off of gas tanks to and from the site. Other DMI hydrogen drone end users may decide the best method of filling is to have their tanks collected and filled by Coregas or alternatively they can be dropped off at any Coregas facility nationwide for filling and return.

Coregas Hydrogen Filling

Wanting to know more?

If you are wanting to know more about hydrogen and the logistics around its use in relation to the DMI hydrogen drone range please make contact with C3 | Drones and Robotics to discuss.



Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology – How it works

A fuel cell is an eco-friendly hydrogen generation technology that produces electricity through a chemical reaction involving hydrogen and oxygen. When supplied into the fuel cell, hydrogen is split into a positive hydrogen ion and an electron at the hydrogen reaction pole. Upon passing the electrolyte membrane, the positive hydrogen ion meets oxygen at the oxygen reaction pole and generates water and electricity. With this, you can power a drone in the case of Doosan Innovation Mobility (DMI) for up to 2 hours. Since oxygen can easily be obtained from the atmosphere, mounting the fuel cell power pack with DMI‘s hydrogen tank is all you need to operate a drone.


The hydrogen fuel cell is the heart of a fuel cell power system. Generating electricity in the form of direct current (DC) from electrochemical reactions that take place in the fuel cell. The amount of power produced by a fuel cell depends upon several factors, such as fuel cell type, cell size, the temperature at which it operates, and the pressure of the gases supplied to the cell all factors that have been carefully analysed, tested and developed by DMIs engineers ensuring their hydrogen fuel cell technology is not only stable but ultimately it is safe.

Doosan Powerpack DP30M2S

Is Hydrogen Dangerous?

Hydrogen is a gas that already exists in the atmosphere together with nitrogen and oxygen. Since hydrogen is a very light gas, it does not stay in one location after being emitted during the use of fuel cells but spreads and disappears into the air quickly.
The safety accident rate of hydrogen is lower than that of batteries, and most hydrogen-related accidents have been caused due to human error such as carelessness when handling hydrogen tanks and the failure to inspect the facility.

Where would I find more information on DMI Products?

Here at C3 Drones and Robotics, we have a vast amount of information in regards to the Doosan line of hydrogen products. Please do not hesitate to reach out if requiring more information or to take a look at the system first hand






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