Portable Load Bank DL30

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Activation of hydrogen fuel cells without having to fly the drone

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Portable Load Bank DL30

Portable Load Bank DL30 – Activation of hydrogen fuel cell without having to fly the drone.

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) introduces its novel, portable load bank tailored for hydrogen fuel cell power packs. This groundbreaking innovation aims to accommodate customers who haven’t engaged their drones for an extended period, allowing for easy and efficient reactivation of the hydrogen fuel cell power pack through this portable device.

Since hydrogen fuel cells function on self-produced power, it’s recommended that they are utilized consistently. However, if the power pack has been inactive for more than three months, our new portable load bank can help uphold the product’s performance with its restoration sequence.

The main objective of this newly introduced portable load bank is to assist customers in ensuring their power pack remains in prime condition. Designed to be transportable, users can easily take this device anywhere without needing any assistance. The product boasts wireless capabilities, making it suitable for outdoor usage without the necessity of a connected power supply.

Our user-friendly interface further enhances convenience, enabling effortless usage by anyone.

Portable Load Bank DL30

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