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NEXTCORE Lumos 120XM – At 1.5kg the Lumos 120XM is the lightest and most powerful system in the range with a precision of 30mm and an accuracy of 40mm.



The Nextcore Lumos 120XM is a new generation of UAV LiDAR solution. At 1.5kg the Lumos 120XM is the lightest and most powerful system in the range. The Lumos 120XM has a precision of 30mm and an accuracy of 40mm. It supports triple returns resulting in data collection with high accuracy and greater detail for high-quality survey models. Nextcore Lumos 120XM can be flown at greater altitudes and for a longer duration owing to its lightweight design and powerful return accuracy

The Nextcore Lumos series is manufactured in Australia and their systems are the only UAV LiDAR units to come with a 2-year warranty. Lumos products are built for purpose and tested by the Nextcore survey team who ensure that systems are rugged and capable in all scenarios. Price, performance and ease of use distinguish the Lumos series from anything else on the market.

Compatible Drones:

Designed for the DJI M300 but can be fitted to many other units capable of the same lift capacity like:

  • Acecore Technologies Noa
  • Acecore Technologies Zoe
  • Inspired Flight 1200
  • FreeFly Alta8
  • Skyfront Perimeter8
  • Doosan DS30
  • Harris Aerial

Key Features:

  • Flight Height – The system is able to be flown at higher altitudes, reducing scanning time and increasing the safety margin between the drone and obstacles on the ground like trees and powerlines.
  • Triple Return – With its class beating flight height and triple returns, the Lumos XM is the superior system for operating in steep, rugged terrain and through thick vegetation
  • Lightweight – The Lumos XM being lighter in weight allows increased flight time, thus facilitating more efficient performance

Key Differentiators:

  • A lighter system in a smaller case
  • Better accuracy
  • Better height above the ground, trees and powerlines
  • The same, simple workflow
  • Increased flight time
  • High point density

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