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NEXTCORE Lumos 100XT – a lightweight and precise aerial mapping solution with a precision of 30mm and an accuracy of 40mm.



The Nextcore Lumos 100XT has a precision of 30mm and an accuracy of 40mm. It can collect quality data at 100m AGL and weighs just 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds). Nextcore systems automatically calibrate the INS in-flight and include processing software making it easy to use. Manufactured in Australia, the robust design of Lumos XT comes with a 2-year warranty. It fits to a range of UAVs including the DJI M300, Acecore, Inspired Flight, and can be adapted to many other airframes.

An ultimate aerial mapping turn-key solution, the Nextcore Lumos 100XT just requires you to fly a mission, upload the data along with your base station or GNSS data and process. Simple, fast, effective. You can control your point density, point distances, swath, everything in one simple to use program.

Compatible Drones:

Designed for the DJI M300 but can be fitted to many other units capable of the same lift capacity like:

  • Acecore Technologies Noa
  • Acecore Technologies Zoe
  • Inspired Flight 1200
  • FreeFly Alta8
  • Skyfront Perimeter8
  • Doosan DS30
  • Harris Aerial


  • Automatic Calibration – The system automatically calibrates without requiring tricky calibration flights that reduce scanning time.
  • One-stop post-processing – Nextcore Ground Station fuses the IMU and GNSS data so you can effortlessly generate 3D point clouds.
  • 2-Year Warranty – The robust design of Lumos is manufactured in Australia and is the only drone LiDAR unit available with a 2-year warranty.
  • Applications:
  • Steep Terrain – It is a great tool for capturing survey data for areas that cannot be safely accessed by people.
  • Thick Vegetation – Lumos performs well in thick vegetation with two returns in every laser.
  • Topography Extraction – Areas infeasible by conventional surveying or not possible by other aerial methods can now be captured and processed into surveying deliverables in a safer and more efficient way.
  • Forest Fire Management – Lumos XT can be used to map vegetation density, identify problem areas by fuel mapping & fire behaviour modelling and understand burn success through locating burn lines and by allowing early vegetation intervention.
  • Flood Modelling – Lumos helps in determining the probability of flooding for a geographic area by building flood maps, hydrography impact prediction, town planning, state & local government assessments and insurance assessments
  • Powerlines – The system allows energy infrastructure data capture that can be processed into valuable surveying deliverables with unmatched efficiency.
  • Construction – The integration of GNSS and IMU allows Lumos to deliver user accuracy down to the centimeter level.
  • Road Scanning – Lumos provides road management and analysis of road data including digitized pavement data, pavement damages, road conditions and road markings.


  • Achieve survey grade data at 120 metres above ground level
  • 30mm Precision and 40mm Accuracy (RMSE)
  • Give your pilots a higher safety margin in forested areas and steep terrain
  • The same simple design and easy processing as the RN100

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