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MakeBlock Codeybot Customisable Robot – A fully customisable robot, he teaches coding, dances, plays music and shoots lasers.


Meet Codeybot – The Fully Customisable Robot

Makeblock Codeybot, the Fully Customisable Robot, Teaches Coding, Dances, Plays Music, and Shoots Lasers. He inspires fun and learning through his LED drawing panels, feeds entertainment to daily life with all his customisable features, and encourages connectivity through his stero speakers, dancing capabilities, and battle mode. Get ready to program the fun!

Makeblock Codeybot is an entertainment and educational robot who teaches basic programming through an array of interactive features:

  • Graphical Programming – Drag-and-drop graphical programming software mBlockly for Codeybot developed based on Google Blockly provides a quick way to learn programming, control the robot, and realize multiple functions from the robot.
  • Customizable elements – LED face, Silly Voice, Multiple movement control, Dance to Music, and Color Changeable side lights.
  • Battle Mode – Battle against human with laser LED turret (Sold Separately).
  • Self-Balance on Wheels – Keep bot upright and balanced with internal gyros
  • Customize Look – Draw faces using blue LED dots or choose LED wheel colour
  • Dance to Music – Drop in one of five pre-programmed dances
  • Make Silly Voices – Record your voice for Codeybot to repeat in its own cartoony voices
  • Shoot Lasers – Attach the LED laser add-on to make Codeybot battle-ready
  • Limitless Possibilities – Don’t let his size fool you; this little bot packs a big punch

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