Insta360 Link AI-Powered 4K Webcam


The Insta360 Link – True 4K Intelligent Webcam with Pan/Tilt/Zoom is designed with a 3-axis gimbal system and intelligent AI tracking


Insta360 – The true 4K intelligent Webcam with Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) function

The Insta360 Link Webcam is a 4K Intelligent Webcam with Pan/Tilt/Zoom is designed with a 3-axis gimbal system and intelligent AI tracking, meaning you can capture brilliant 4K footage and make sure you are always in focus and centered. Thanks to its easy-to-use user interface, you can control the camera either via software on your desktop or use gestures to control the camera and activate different modes.

Advanced Focus

The Insta360 Link Webcam has been designed to enhance its image focus capabilities to ensure you are always in perfect focus. The Link’s lens can follow your every movement in crisp clear detail. Automatic zooming and framing allow you to always be centre stage.

Intelligent Noise Cancellation

Built with dual noise-cancelling microphones, the Link 4k webcam is able to reduce the effect of background noise, while using automatic gain control and de-reverberation. This allows the Link to reduce background noise while amplifying your voice.

Easy Mounting

The Link can be used with universal accessories such as tripods thanks to a built-in 1/4″ mounting point. This can be extraordinarily useful if you’re looking to use the overhead mode for filming. It can also be secured to the top of your screen via the clip mount.

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