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FlytBase provides drone agnostic software solutions to deploy fully automated & cloud-connected commercial drones at scale. Drone & dock fleet management, from a unified command centre.

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FlytBase provides drone-agnostic software solutions to deploy fully automated & cloud-connected commercial drones at scale. Drone & dock fleet management, from a unified command centre.

Key Features:

  • Data Security – Uncompromised on Security & Compliance
  • Apps & Integrations – Easily access APIs, integrate into custom apps for dock deployment, and deliver data analytics and business insights to customers – the way they want it.
  • Hardware Agnostic – Combine any drone, docking station, payload, accessory & sensor of your choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate Data Acquisition – Eliminate manual collection of site data. Deploy automatic drone charging stations for routine inspection operations. View, record, and share live HD footage effortlessly.
  • Increase Efficiency & ROI – Remove blindspots and surveil hard-to-reach areas. Detect failures in real time to reduce maintenance costs and prevent frequent shutdowns
  • Shorten Response Time – Dispatch autonomous drones to a specific location in response to an alarm. Proactively mitigate emergencies and increase personnel safety with drone docks.

Centered around off-the-shelf UAVs and reliable docking stations, FlytBase enables your drones to operate autonomously:

Real-Time Situational Awareness – Receive instantaneous video updates to always stay in the know. Detect malfunctions preemptively. Improve decision-making and eliminate operational delays.

  • Stream HD video feed at ultra-low latency
  • Integrate thermal camera for enhanced visibility
  • Record and archive captured video data
  • Securely share live feed with guest users

Plan & Schedule Automated Patrols – Deploy & monitor multiple drones simultaneously. Eliminate human error. Conduct repeatable missions with minimal human intervention.

  • Manage a hybrid fleet of drones
  • Execute multiple waypoint missions
  • Configure individual waypoint actions
  • Schedule routine missions on the calendar view
  • Retrieve and view previous mission logs

Expedited Incident Response – Dispatch your drones to the affected site to increase personnel safety. Control drone & payload remotely with an on-screen joypad, keyboard, or joystick.

  • Send drones to specified GPS coordinates on-demand
  • Set advanced geofences to demarcate no-fly zones
  • Broadcast audio messages over the drone speaker
  • Enhance nighttime visibility via onboard spotlights
  • Configure multiple fail safes to improve drone safety

Precision Landing – FlytBase’s Precision Landing module utilizes computer-vision technology to align and land your drone onto the drone station autonomously.

  • Achieve 99.99% reliability for drone landings
  • Perform landings during the day and night
  • Eliminate the use of additional hardware

Docking Station Control & Telemetry – FlytBase allows you to automate your drone dock operations and perform remote configuration. Integrate your drone nests with your fleet to receive data seamlessly over 5G/4G/LTE.

  • Trigger open/close & charging actions remotely
  • View charging status or perform battery swapping
  • Integrate stationary cameras to monitor the drone hangar
  • View live data relayed from the onboard weather station
  • Leverage weather data to perform pre-flight checks

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