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DOOSAN Hydrogen Tank – Leveraging hydrogen fuel cell technology for drones to provide, zero emissions, and increased productivity.

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DOOSAN Hydrogen Tank – Ultralight Type 4 hydrogen tank with high storage efficiency

The UAV industry is experiencing a groundbreaking innovation with the emergence of hydrogen fuel powered drones. These drones utilise hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity to drive their brushless motors and propellers, unlike traditional lithium-ion battery-powered drones. With longer flight times, faster recharging, and zero emissions, hydrogen drones offer numerous advantages.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides several benefits over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Hydrogen fuel cells can be refueled much faster, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. They do not produce any harmful emissions, making them more eco-friendly than traditional batteries. Furthermore, hydrogen is an abundant and renewable energy source, making hydrogen-fuel-powered drones more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

With hydrogen fuel-powered drones becoming a game-changer in the UAV industry, more companies are exploring the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology. We can expect to see a range of innovative applications in the coming years, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Key Features:

  • Ultralight with high storage efficiency – Doosan’s Type 4 hydrogen tanks are based on verified technology already being used in hydrogen-powered vehicles. Doosan developed ultralight hydrogen tanks by optimizing the design of carbon fiber winding in fuel cell powerpack for mobile use.
  • Lightweight – Doosan’s lightweight, carbon fiber composite drone can deliver better fuel economy and more payload.
  • Efficient storage – Doosan’s hydrogen tank’s high storage pressure allows it to store more energy in the same volume.
  • High durability – Carbon fiber composite helps minimize external shock by withstanding structural force exerted to the tank.
  • Easy & safe replacement, transportation, and storage – The quick-coupler allows anyone to easily install our hydrogen tanks on the powerpack. The handle design allows anyone to easily replace and transport the hydrogen tank. The exclusive case allows anyone to transport and store fuel cell drones safely and conveniently to remote sites.

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