DOOSAN DS30W Drone Frame

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Doosan DS30W Drone Frame – An optimized airframe for the DP30M2S Powerpack, addressing the weight issue of hydrogen fuel cells by maximizing thrust efficiency and power consumption control.

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Introducing the Doosan DS30W Drone Frame, the world’s first mass-manufactured hydrogen fuel cell drone that offers an impressive flight time of 2 hours, enabling applications in the industrial market. With a range of up to 80km and successful long-distance flights over seawater, the DS30W received the prestigious 2022 CES Best Innovation Award. DMI’s engineers have developed an optimized airframe for the DP30M2S Powerpack, addressing the weight issue of hydrogen fuel cells by maximizing thrust efficiency and power consumption control.

The Doosan DS30W Drone Frame is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a lightweight yet durable semi-monocoque structure, quick-release bolts, shock-absorbing landing gear, and easy folding arms and propellers. The drone offers remote control and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to plan autonomous missions, check real-time status, and ensure safe flight operations. Additionally, the DS30W can be easily transported in regular SUVs, vans, or pickup trucks, thanks to its protective travel equipment and stable internal structure.

Key Features:

  • Long Endurance – The world’s first mass manufactured hydrogen fuel cell drone, DS30W opens new scope for drone use by making 2 hours of flight a reality. This makes applications in industrial market possible. With 2 hours, the Doosan DS30W Drone Frame can travel up to 80km, and has flown over 72km of seawater in 2019 at U.S. Virgin Island. With this notable feature, DS30W won 2022 CES Best Innovation Award.
  • Efficient Solution – for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powerpack. To solve the issue of hydrogen fuel cell’s heavy weight compared to batteries, DMI’s engineers built the optimised airframe for DP30M2S. The propellers are located at the upper side of the main body to maximize thrust efficiency. The Doosan DS30W Drone Frame’s octocopter shape was also structured to enhance power consumption and altitude control.
  • Convenient and User-friendly – The Doosan DS30W Drone Frame was constructed in semi-monocoque structure to reduce weight while maintaining durability. Every detail in the drone was devised to lift customer experience, like quick release bolt in hatch and FCC module, and landing gear’s silicon pad that absorbs shock. In addition, arms and propellers can be easily folded with one touch. The drone will stop over at a nearby landing point or return to its home point when the remaining amount of hydrogen is insufficient, helping to guarantee a safe flight experience.
  • Remote Control & Monitoring for Safe Flight – You can control the drone and monitor the powerpack regardless of distance. Powerpack and flight controller information is received via built-in communication module. With web-based GCS and DMI View app, users can plan autonomous mission flight, and check real-time drone status. The drone will also execute emergency landing when communication or hydrogen is insufficient.
  • Transportation via SUV or Van – With this protective travel equipment, you can carry The Doosan DS30W Drone Frame in your regular SUV, Van, or pickup truck. Because the internal structure was made to exactly fit the landing gear, the drone will remain stable in case of rough bumps or detour.

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