DOOSAN DP30M2S Powerpack

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DOOSAN DP30M2S Powerpack – a cutting-edge fuel cell technology for drones that revolutionises flight capabilities and can fly for more than 2 hours to dramatically increase the uptime of your drone operations.

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Introducing the DP30M2S Powerpack by Doosan Mobility Innovation, a cutting-edge fuel cell technology for drones that revolutionises flight capabilities. With its high energy density, the fuel cells enable longer flights and support heavier payloads compared to traditional battery technology.

By utilising ultralight bipolar plates and advanced materials, the Powerpack significantly reduces the overall weight, ensuring extended uptime during flights. Its compatibility with various airframes allows for seamless integration into different types of drones, making it an ideal solution for long-endurance applications such as infrastructure inspection and public safety.

The Powerpack features a hybrid battery system, providing redundancy for emergency landings, and is equipped with DMI’s View App for real-time monitoring of powerpack condition, ensuring a safe and reliable flight experience. With its comprehensive and technologically advanced design, the DP30M2S Powerpack offers a total one-in-all solution for fuel cell-powered drones.

Key Features:

  • Longer flight – Due to high energy density of hydrogen, fuel cells allow longer flight with heavier payloads than battery technology. The capacity of batteries is proportion to the number of cells, but due to its weight, fails to provide longer uptime after a certain point. This makes fuel cell more efficient solution for larger drone systems.
  • Ultralight fuel cells – For bipolar plates, which take up the largest portion of the stack’s weight, DOOSAN DP30M2S Powerpack applies ultrathin metal developed with our proprietary technology and successfully reduced the total weight. A key material used in the stack is MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly). This enables high energy output and durability for the fuel cell Powerpack. And thanks to the design of the stack structure, which maintains even energy output among cells, high energy output of the fuel cell Powerpack remains stable during flight.
  • Compatible – With proper customization of the airframe, Doosan’s DP30M2S Powerpack can be integrated to different types of drones for long endurance.
  • Clean solutions – Doosan’s 2.6kW DP30M2S powerpack provides a long-endurance solution to enable drone in infrastructure inspection and public safety. Doosan is also currently developing solutions for logistics and surveying applications.
  • Hybrid battery system – Due to load variation of mobile fuel cell technology in times of landing or ascending, Doosan’s DP30M2S Powerpack is an integrated hybrid system with batteries. In times of operational problems, hybrid batteries will act as redundancy to enable emergency landing.
  • Powerpack monitoring – DMI’s View App allows users to monitor powerpack condition such as voltage and amperage. With DMI Dashboard homepage, users can check powerpack data and remaining hydrogen in real-time.
    With the View App, drones will stop over at a nearby landing point or return to a home point when hydrogen runs low, helping to guarantee a safe flight experience.
  • Total One-in-all System – DMI’s powerpack is made up of highly technological, comprehensive system: ventilation fan for cooling, power board for controlling stack output, an internal sensor for obtaining powerpack data, and fuel cell stacks. The stacks and fans are each paired as dual system, enhancing reliability.

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