BVLOS Packages (SAIL I/II)

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BVLOS Packages through regulatory partners Hover UAV consulting provide the gold standard in risk assessment utilising the JARUS SORA process to support your application for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


BVLOS Packages (SAIL I/II)

BVLOS Packages (SAIL I/II). Regulatory partners Hover UAV, a renowned consultancy in the drone industry, specialise in providing top-tier risk assessment services to facilitate your Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. Their superior BVLOS packages are meticulously designed to adhere to the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) process, delivering unparalleled value to your application process.

The BVLOS packages encapsulate an in-depth SORA, tailoring it to the intricacies of your specific concept of operations. As a risk mitigation strategy, they go beyond the standard procedures and ensure all potential risks are thoroughly evaluated and mitigated, enhancing safety and compliance during BVLOS operations.

Within their comprehensive package, they also provide BVLOS protocols which are strategically developed to manage your operations efficiently. Our experts define clear, concise, and practical guidelines to ensure that your drone operations remain seamless, effective, and compliant with industry standards.

A key inclusion in their package is the Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Consultants develop a robust ERP that fortifies your readiness to handle any unforeseen situation during your BVLOS operations. This proactive approach promotes operational efficiency and minimises potential disruptions.

Their BVLOS packages also emphasise Stakeholder Engagement and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Assessment. They understand the significance of transparent communication and stakeholder involvement in ensuring smooth operations. Moreover, our consultants conduct a detailed HMI assessment, enhancing the interface’s effectiveness and user experience, further boosting operational efficiency and safety.

A pivotal part of the offering is the preparation for Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Assessment. Our consultants work meticulously to ensure your CASA application complies with all necessary regulations. This includes ongoing management of the application process, offering you complete peace of mind, in knowing that your BVLOS operations are compliant, safe, and efficient.

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