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Autel Robotics Loudspeaker for EVO II Drones



Autel Loudspeaker for EVO II Enterprise

Communicate to first responders or crowds remotely using the Loudspeaker for EVO II Drones from Autel Robotics. This accessory is designed to mount on the EVO II, giving pilots the ability to hover in an area and directly speak with those around the drone. This can help relay essential information when filming, relaying commands and intelligence from base camp to first responders on the scene, or giving vital instructions to crowds of people in emergency situations. In addition to someone’s voice, pre-recorded audio loops can be played.

Key Features
  • For Autel Robotics EVO II Drones
  • Relay Information over Long Distances
  • Ideal for First Responders & Filmmakers
  • Supports Pre-Recorded Audio Loops
  • Volume up to 120 dB
  • 0 to 45° Adjustable Angle

AUTEL Loudspeaker for EVO II Enterprise

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