Airwood Cubee Drone kit with Programming Module



It has 9 flight modes: Depending on whether you are going to use it in initiation, competition or programming mode, Airwood adapts its maximum speed, movement sensitivity, orientation, and indoor or outdoor flight.


Airwood Cubee Drone kit with Programming Module

Airwood Cubee Drone kit with Programming Module

Presenting Airwood, the highly modular wooden drone that you can assemble entirely from the ground up, even the remote control. Among its four models, Cubee stands out as the most stable flyer. Take pleasure in piloting it or programming it according to your needs!

Construct, Operate, and Program Your Personal DIY Drone! Airwood is a cost-effective modular drone that seamlessly comes together like a wooden puzzle, eliminating the need for nails or glue.

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly Airwood is designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience: hand-assemble, alter, and repair the drone, program it, and note the behavioral changes with every modification. The components are made of ultra-light, recyclable wood that can be customized as per your preference.

In spite of its seeming simplicity, Airwood is fortified with high-end stable flight technologies, real-time transmission, and even an optional 720P HD camera. It flawlessly maintains position and altitude without any drift, exactly as commanded by you. Set your preferred distance and height limits to ensure safe flights. If you instruct it to exceed these set limits, the drone won’t do so. Moreover, in case of a lost connection with the drone, it’s capable of returning to its initial take-off point.

It comes with 9 flight modes: Whether you’re a beginner, a competitive flyer, or using it in programming mode, Airwood adjusts its top speed, movement sensitivity, orientation, and indoor or outdoor flight accordingly.

One-Click Return: With just a single click, Airwood can automatically navigate back to its starting location.

Airwood 4 in 1 Drone Professional Kit

Easy Assembly You don’t have to be a drone technician to build your Airwood; simply follow the step-by-step guidelines: detach the parts, put them together, and install a flight control module.

DIY Remote Control: Assemble your personal remote control as well. The remote control is made of the same light-weight material as the drone parts.

4 Distinct Models Airwood comes in 4 different designs. This specific model, “CUBEE,” is the most stable, making it perfect for aerial photography. You also have the option to enhance it with the Airwood 720P HD Camera.

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