Airwood Cubee Drone Kit with Camera Module



The Cubee is an excellent introductory wooden drone that offers a taste of the rich STEM learning opportunities available through Airwood kits.


Airwood Cubee Drone Kit with Camera Module

The Airwood Cubee Drone Kit equipped with a Camera Module: The Cubee is an excellent introductory wooden drone that offers a taste of the rich STEM learning opportunities available through Airwood kits. Ignite your child’s interest by giving them an Airwood kit; encourage them to construct, personalize, and eventually pilot it. What a superb and eco-friendly STEM project compatible with the Australian Curriculum!

Airwood Cubee Drone Kit With Camera Module

Incorporate fun into education with STEM.

Discover and engage with environmentally-friendly science toys.

Airwood leverages FSC internationally certified, premium eucalyptus laminates, which are laser cut with utmost precision from an entire board. This process is both healthy and eco-friendly. The thickness of each board is manually verified, and each bayonet size is adjusted according to thickness, ensuring consistent assembly strength across all boards.

The Robot Toy Airwood Cubee, with a 12cm wheelbase, has an average aircraft weight of under 80g, including the battery – comparable to a smartphone’s weight. Its portability allows you to take it along wherever you go!

Experience the simplicity of Tool-less Assembly

The high-quality eucalyptus laminates, when paired with high-precision laser cutting, result in parts that connect seamlessly without any tools – traditional knives suffice for assembly. Just set it up and you’re ready to fly!

Utilize Modular Technology

Thanks to the patented electronic module mounting structure, you can install and remove electronic modules effortlessly, without tools or damaging the board. The process is so simple that even younger children can handle it independently.

Benefit from an Advanced Microprocessor

In contrast to the basic integrated chips often found in toys, we utilize a high-performance Cortex-M3 core professional microprocessor. Imported directly from the original factory, this advanced component serves as the aircraft’s brain, offering us superior computing speed, operational efficiency, and robust features.

Explore the Adaptive AI Algorithm

The flight control system incorporates an adaptive AI algorithm. Whether substituting our standard wood frame or using your DIY wood frame, the flight control system can automatically assess the drone’s overall performance and tweak the parameters via the AI algorithm to adapt to the current structure. This ensures stable and smooth flight control.

Experience Barometer Altitude Holding & Visual Positioning

The visual positioning sensor smartly analyses position data by consistently gathering ground pattern information and aligning it with the barometer to maintain stable height control. This allows the drone to hover stably in the air without the need for manual remote control input. This ease of operation simplifies flight operations and ensures sharper aerial photography.

Enjoy Graphical Programming

Utilize the user-friendly graphical programming software included with your Airwood drone to create simple programs. It’s an easy and fun task for anyone.

Airwood Cubee Drone Kit With Camera Module


The kit comprises:

1 Cubee Wood Frame

1 Controller Wood Frame

1 Flight Controller Module (with programming)

1 Remote Controller Board

1 Camera

4 Motors

8 Propellers

1 Drone Battery

1 RC Battery

1 Charger

2 Hooks and Loops

1 Manual & Assembly Instructions

Recommended Age: 14 years and above.

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