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SkyComm – BVLOS Communications


SkyComm is a robust all-in-one solution that has been specifically designed to enable advanced BVLOS operations. The system provides VHF Radio over IP, ADS-B In and internet connectivity to any external RPA system or drone-in-a-box solution. The Radio over IP (RoIP) technology is tailored to support the drone industry by enhancing safety and enabling operations in remote or dense areas from a Remote Operations Centre over any local cellular network.

Unlike other systems, SkyComm has been engineered for durability and simplicity while still maintaining a rich feature set through the powerful RediTALK software from Omnitronics. With RediTalk, the pilot in command can effortlessly change multiple radio parameters such as channel selection, volume and squelch to easily communicate in airspace with multiple frequencies. The system also utilises a proprietary ADSB receiver from Flightradar24 which ensures excellent local coverage of manned operations through their popular and easy to use software.

Benefits of the SkyComm Communications Box

Through developing stringent safety cases, emergency procedures, and pioneering new communications technology such as the Skycomm communications box we have ensured that the safety of those on the ground and our fellow pilots in the air has met and exceeded stringent safety considerations.

SkyComm Specifications


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