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Hydrogen Drone

Doosan Group is a global hydrogen fuel cell leader with over 50 years’ experience in hydrogen fuel cells. Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) focuses on the mobile applications of hydrogen fuel cell technology and they are heavily investing in drone applications to enable reliable long-endurance flight, accelerating the growth of the UAV industry.



Revolutionising the way vital infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored with Drone In A Box (DIAB) solutions. Percepto is at the forefront of redefining how industrial sites and critical infrastructure are holistically inspected and monitored, harnessing remote robotics to collect autonomously, aggregate and analyse visual data.

Unleash live

Scalable Software Platform

Unleash live’s connected cloud platform is changing the way people interact with networked devices in the field, providing an innovative solution for small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises.

Drone Deploy

Autonomous and free flight capabilities

Create missions from anywhere using the desktop or mobile app. Capture and share high-quality interactive 2D maps, 3D models, photos, videos, panoramas, roof reports, thermal scans, and more directly from your mobile device. DroneDeploy is the only flight app that provides instant offline maps without hours of processing time using Live Map technology.


Agnostic Software Solutions

Flytbase is the world’s first Internet of Drones Platform (IoD), that allows easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, connected with cloud-based business applications. FlytBase provides drone agnostic software solutions to automate and scale drone operations.

Hover UAV

Consulting / Regulatory Affairs

At Hover UAV the primary focus is on assisting clients in the development, implementation and management of their drone program with a focus on supporting clients such that desired outcomes are achieved on time and on budget. Always forward-thinking they stay a step ahead of the curve, keeping up with ever-changing regulations, safety requirements and finding the right hardware and software for your operations. 


Drone In A Box (DIAB)

The Hextronics Global drone station is a robotic battery-swapping mechanism capable of 24/7 operation. With a battery swap time of under two minutes and a six battery capacity, the system promotes battery longevity ensuring that you always have a reliable flight time. The easy API workflow integration seamlessly incorporates triggers for landing and battery exchange.


VTOL Drone Manufacturer

Carbonix has been proudly Australian owned and operated since its inception in 2011, they find solutions to complex problems through elegant design. At Carbonix they create innovative effective solutions to capture valuable data from the air. They approach every engineering problem with discipline and precision to engineer a solution for future drone applications.


LiDAR Sensors

Nextcore is brand focused on developing and spreading the best, easiest and most cost effective way to acquire and process aerial LiDAR. Nextcore was founded on the back of years of experience in the technology and drone industry to solve the need of a cost effective, truly turn-key way of acquiring high quality LiDAR data.


Multirotor Drone Manufacturer

DJI redefines industry standards for prosumer and commercial drones.

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative drone and camera technology for commercial and prosumer use. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography, filmmaking, and RPAS  platforms more reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. Its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers; for applications in film, advertising, construction, firefighting, agriculture, and many other industries for a raft of different use cases.

PARAZERO Drone Safety Systems

Drone Safety Sensors & Parachute System

ParaZero’s vision is to use the SafeAir drone system compromising sensors and parachute technology to unlock the full potential of the commercial UAS industry through enhancing operational safety, mitigating risk, and enabling organizations to benefit from regulatory approvals for advanced UAS use cases, including drone delivery, operations over people, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.


DeltaQuad VTOL

DeltaQuad specialises in designing and producing electric long-range UAVs for mapping, inspection, and surveillance purposes. Their UAV models are created and manufactured in the Netherlands. They utilise their “Smart UAV Technology” approach to develop effective solutions that are both technologically and economically feasible.


Paperless Management System

AVCRM offers a cost-effective, intuitive, and specific solution that assists RPA Operators with managing all CASA & CAA compliance and safety items. AVCRM is brought to you by a dedicated team of aviation professionals who have recognised the need for an application that covers all aspects of the aviation business. All too often companies are burdened with the hassle of multiple programs to achieve compliance and operational control. AVCRM’s mission is to continually innovate in this area and provide up-to-date, user-friendly and relevant aviation management solutions.

Insta 360

Professional VR Camera Systems

Insta360 has established itself as the foremost provider of 360 cameras, offering six distinct designs for purchase. These cameras boast a range of features and price points, catering to diverse audiences, from professional filmmakers to everyday consumers. Additionally, Insta360 is expanding into the traditional action camera market, with its modular devices and compact body cameras.


RPAS Communications Solution

SkyComm is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate advanced BVLOS operations. It offers VHF Radio over IP, ADS-B In, and internet connectivity to external RPA systems or drone-in-a-box applications. The Radio over IP technology is customised for the drone industry, enabling safe and effective operations in remote or crowded areas from a Remote Operations Centre via a local cellular network or other options. SkyComm distinguishes itself from other systems by its robustness and ease of use, while retaining a rich feature set made possible by the powerful RediTALK software from Omnitronics. With RediTalk, the pilot in command can easily adjust various radio settings such as channel selection, volume, and squelch to communicate with multiple frequencies in the airspace. Additionally, SkyComm incorporates a proprietary ADS-B receiver from Flightradar24 that delivers outstanding local coverage of manned operations through their widely-used and intuitive software. 

Autel Robotics

Enterprise Drone Solutions

Autel Robotics provides aerial robotics to the public sector, public safety, enterprise, and commercial operations. Offering the highest resolution thermal imaging available to the civilian market, the current EVO II Series aircraft are purpose-built for automated and manual flight in law enforcement, fire, security, inspection, mapping, and survey grade-capable data, with ingrained data security.


Drone In a Box (DiaB)

The First Drone-Agnostic, Multi-UAV Docking Station. Counterdrone deploys a trademark dome-shaped enclosure with support for two drones. You’ve got redundancy without risky battery swaps or downtime. Configurable floors allow the charging and housing of most types of drones: tail sitters, tethered drones, large drones like the DJI Matrice series, or two DJI Mavic-sized drones (or three DJI Mavic Air-sized drones).

Blue Vigil

Tethered Drone Systems / Emergency lighting system

Blue Vigil has offerings ranging from tethered systems to suit many off-the-shelf drones keeping drones airborne indefinitely coupled with a revolutionary tethered lighting system (ALED) which is the first major technological innovation for portable light towers in over 40 years.


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