Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring

Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring

Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring. When most people think of Percepto they think of class-leading hardware built to withstand the rigors of even the most inhospitable environments. However, it is little known that Percepto is not only a manufacturer of groundbreaking hardware but they are actually a software company. As such they have created a product for Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring (AIM). AIM intends to bring the only end-to-end visual data management solution from capture to insight. It does this by automating and unifying visual data collected by any device. Any drone. Any robot. Any sensor or camera. All in one place. A revolutionary approach to looking at your site based on its assets and pain points, not flights and mission numbers. The beauty of AIM is that it can be configured to utilise and gather valuable insights from already existing sensors placed across the site such as from CCTV cameras, ground robotics, or even other drones in the fleet. Yes, you heard it right “other drones”. Percepto understands that sites may possess a number of different drones across one site. As such they have integrated the ability to plan and fly missions with your existing drones or robots with geo-referenced data gathered and uploaded then anaysed by AIM, unified, and converted into actionable insights.

Percepto AIM – Artificial Intelligence Insight Manager

AI Intelligence insight manager uses sophisticated AI and deep-learning algorithms to deliver industry-specific intelligence. Artificial intelligence monitoring is the result of an AI-powered algorithm analyzing data on any process or operation. By using AI to analyze the data, the analysis is fully automated, generating insights on the process, asset, or operation being monitored.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Ready

In Australia, Percepto has already achieved a BVLOS approval or waiver to operate their autonomous AIR MAX drone and base station. Not only have they received this BVLOS approval but approval to operate from a remote command center (ROC).  The achievement significantly adds value in the Australian market where many facilities are in remote locations. As a result, companies are increasingly introducing remote operations to manage, monitor, and secure their sites. The approval will also enable high-risk sites such as mines and refineries to better manage safety and environmental risks while increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Wanting to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about Percepto be it their hardware or software solutions please do not hesitate to gain contact for more information. C3 Drones and Robotics comes with a vast amount of experience operating the Percepto system across Australia and as such has a wealth of knowledge on the autonomous capabilities and data insights that Percepto can offer.


Working across multiple industries such as mining, security, construction, agriculture and utilities, the C3 Drones & Robotics team is able to deliver solutions based on in-depth experience making the collection of your data as easy and automated as possible. Learn More.

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