ParaZero Now Available at C3 Drones & Robotics

ParaZero is a world-leading provider of parachutes designed for Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). C3 Drones and Robotics have proudly announced today the availability of ParaZero parachute systems as they are the perfect fit for clients wanting to get the most from their drone programs and increase safety.

ParaZero offers smart and effective solutions to address the industry’s safety challenges by designing best-in-class autonomous drone safety systems to keep bystanders on the ground safe and protect the drone against critical failures. They supply parachutes for the Mavic, Phantom, M300 and even have custom solutions to address your requirements.

SafeAir uses independent sensors to continuously monitor the drone’s flight data for anomalies. When critical failures are detected, a series of autonomous safety measures are triggered. These include:-

  • The patented parachute deployment mechanism opens to full canopy in fractions of a second.
  • The audio buzzer is activated to warn bystanders to move out of harm’s way (depending on the model).
  • The drone is brought safely to the ground with minimal impact energy.

How Does it Work?

In the event of a problem, ParaZero will cut power to the drone’s motors to avoid laceration injuries and entanglement in the parachute’s cords. It does this using a Flight Termination System (FTS). Once the power to the motors is cut, it will then deploy the parachute which is aided by a patented ballistic parachute launcher that can fully open the canopy in a fraction of a second. Then the system will sound an alarm that warns bystanders below about incoming danger from above giving them ample time to move out of harm’s way again depending on the model of the parachute installed. Your drone will then land safely with the use of the parachute.

Just like larger aircraft, the SafeAir system has a black box and in the event of a problem, a post-flight incident report is created so you can analyze what happened after your flight again depending on the model of ParaZero parachute installed.

ParaZero’s vision is to use the SafeAir drone safety technology to unlock the full potential of the commercial UAS industry through enhancing operational safety, mitigating risk, and enabling organizations to benefit from regulatory approvals for advanced UAS use cases, including drone delivery, operations over people, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

Working across multiple industries such as mining, security, construction, agriculture and utilities, the C3 Drones & Robotics team is able to deliver solutions based on in-depth experience making the collection of your data as easy and automated as possible. Learn More.

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