CASA approves Autonomous Drones to Fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight in Australia

Our partner, Percepto, recently received approval from CASA to fly autonomous drones BVLOS from a Remote Operations Centre in Australia.

The leading autonomous inspection and monitoring solution provider, Percepto is revolutionising how industrial sites monitor and inspect their critical infrastructure and assets.

The recent approval significantly adds value in the Australian market where many facilities are in remote locations. As a result, companies are increasingly introducing remote operations to manage, monitor and secure their sites.

High risk sites such as mines and refineries can now also benefit from the approval allowing them to better manage safety and environmental risks, while increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Jackie Dumovic, CEO of Hover UAV has sited the approval as significant as drones lifting off in Australia for the first time.

“It’s a game-changer for how managers at critical infrastructure can inspect assets and monitor sites while gaining real-time insights based on collected data faster than ever before.”

To find out how your organisation could benefit from remote operations using BVLOS drone technology, contact us today.

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