OMNIDock Launches in Australia

OMNIDock Launches in Australia

OMNIDock Launches in Australia: A New Era for Versatile Drone Docking Stations

Introducing the OMNIDock, courtesy of C3 Drones and Robotics. The launch, which took place at the esteemed 26th World Mining Congress in Brisbane, brings a revolutionary addition to the local market. This high-profile event signaled a significant progression for drone docking stations.

OMNIDock launches in Australia

Drones are rapidly becoming a cornerstone in many applications, including security, inspections, and mapping, among others. Their swift and autonomous operations, expansive coverage capabilities, and constant readiness make them invaluable. Moreover, drones can effortlessly integrate into existing systems, acting as an aerial surveillance resource and thus heightening safety measures and operational efficiency.

The OMNIDock stands out with its unique hemispheric design, bringing something fresh to drone-in-a-box solutions. Among its standout features is the ability to house and operate multiple drone systems from a single dock. This development can facilitate concurrent or individual missions by multiple systems, a game-changer in the industry. Another key feature is the dock’s interchangeable floor design. This allows for diverse configurations of the touchpad charging system, hence, enabling the dock to cater to various drone models. As a result, end-users have the freedom to use drones from different manufacturers or configure the base for a single drone or multiple drones, depending on their needs.

The dock’s hemispherical shape offers superior resistance against wind and weather while conserving space. It can comfortably accommodate a large drone or two smaller ones, hence enhancing flexibility, mission redundancy, and rapid threat response. The OMNIDock’s adaptability to most commercial drones makes it the ideal choice for existing drone owners, or those with custom aircraft designed for specific missions. Its unique dome-shaped enclosure, unlike the standard rectangular designs, supports two drones, eliminating the need for battery swaps and downtime.

The OMNIDock guarantees peace of mind with its autonomous launch and landing systems and wireless charging capabilities inside its weatherproof enclosure. With minimal maintenance required from the end user, it can efficiently patrol a defined area, transmit real-time video feeds, and report any faults.

The OMNIDock, is designed to harmonise with existing infrastructure, which marks a significant change in how drone applications are viewed. Its capacity to accommodate a wide range of commercial drones, thanks to its configurable, drone-agnostic design, ensures it stays current with the latest drone technology advancements.

OMNIDock - C3 Drones and Robotics

The introduction of OMNIDock to the Australian market is ushering in a new era in the drones and robotics industry. It promises to revolutionise sectors such as security, mining, or utilities by offering seamless integration with existing systems and flexibility in accommodating various drones. The OMNIDock is poised to become an invaluable asset in many sectors, with its innovative and user-friendly design.

Wanting to know more information about the system including software options, and what is required from a regulatory standpoint or simply want to take a look at the system please reach out to C3 Drones and Robotics to make time for a viewing.

OMNIDock Launches in Australia







Drone in a box

Drone in a Box

Explore the World of “Drone in a Box” Solutions with C3 Drones and Robotics

In today’s fast-paced world, the use of drone technology is becoming increasingly popular. From aerial photography to emergency response, drones have proven to be an invaluable tool in various industries. One such innovative concept is the “Drone in a Box” system, which is essentially a fully autonomous drone system with an enclosed docking station. C3 Drones and Robotics, a leading provider of cutting-edge drone technology, offers a wide range of drone-in-a-box solutions tailored to suit specific business needs. These solutions can be packaged with software, regulatory and maintenance services to ensure seamless integration into your business.

C3 Drones and Robotics: Drone in a Box Solutions

C3 Drones and Robotics offers an extensive range of drone in a box systems, each designed to cater to specific applications and industries. Some of the key offerings include:

  1. Surveillance and Security: For businesses and organisations that require constant surveillance, C3 Drones and Robotics offers drone in a box solutions that can provide round-the-clock security and monitoring. These drones can be programmed to follow specific patrol routes and are equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture and transmit live footage to a control center day or night.
  2. Inspection and Maintenance: C3 Drones and Robotics’ drone in a box systems are also ideal for infrastructure inspection and maintenance tasks. These drones can be equipped with various sensors and cameras to detect anomalies and provide accurate data for further analysis. This helps businesses save time and resources while ensuring the safety and integrity of their assets.
  3. Agricultural and Environmental Monitoring: C3 Drones and Robotics has drone in a box systems specifically for the agricultural and environmental sectors. These drones can collect valuable data on crop health, monitor irrigation systems, and provide real-time insights into various environmental factors, such as air quality, and fauna counts.
  4. Mining: C3 Drones and Robotics recognises use cases of drones in a box system in mining environments, encompassing tasks such as mapping, emergency response, and monitoring the perimeter for surveillance and security purposes.

Packaged with Software, Regulatory and Maintenance Services

C3 Drones and Robotics understands the importance of regulatory compliance and proper maintenance for drone systems. Therefore, they offer comprehensive packages that include software, regulatory support, and maintenance services. This ensures that businesses utilising their drone-in-a-box solutions can focus on their core operations while leaving the complexities of drone operations to the experts.

Regulatory Support: C3 Drones and Robotics provides assistance with navigating the ever-evolving drone regulations and securing the necessary permits and certifications through regulatory partners Hover UAV. This ensures that businesses can operate their drone systems legally and safely or even beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Maintenance Services: C3 Drones and Robotics also offers periodic maintenance and inspection services for their drone-in-a-box systems. This helps businesses maintain the optimal performance and longevity of their drones while minimising the risk of malfunctions and accidents.

C3 Drones and Robotics’ drone-in-a-box solutions revolutionise the way businesses integrate drone technology into their operations. Offering a variety of solutions from leading brands like Hextronics, Percepto, DJI, Counterdrone, Idiployer, and more, alongside major flight control software providers, C3 Drones and Robotics provides an extensive selection, complete regulatory and maintenance packages. This ensures a smooth integration of these advanced systems, allowing businesses to enjoy improved efficiency, heightened safety, and decreased operational expenses. For more information or to make a time to come and look at various drone in a box systems please dont hesitate to contact C3 Drones and Robotics.

BVLOS Australia

BVLOS Australia

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) approvals in Australia are essential for businesses to maximise the potential of their drone investments. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia is responsible for regulating drone operations, including granting BVLOS approvals. To obtain this approval, a business must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the regulations, risk management, and the capability of the drone technology being used.

BVLOS Australia

C3 Drones and Robotics can offer comprehensive packages for businesses looking to take advantage of BVLOS operations. By packaging BVLOS approval support along with the drone hardware/software purchase, they can provide a streamlined process to achieve maximum ROI on your investment. Here’s how:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: C3 Drones and Robotics will start by understanding your business requirements and the concept of operations for your intended operations. This will include identifying the most suitable drone hardware for your operations and ensuring it meets CASA’s BVLOS requirements or a certain level of robustness.
  2. Regulatory Support: C3 Drones and Robotics through its partner Hover UAV will assist your business in navigating the complex regulatory landscape in Australia. They will help you prepare the necessary documentation, including risk assessments, operational procedures, and safety management systems, required for obtaining BVLOS approval from CASA.
  3. Training and Certification: C3 will provide comprehensive training programs for your staff, covering both technical and regulatory aspects of BVLOS operations. This will ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate drones safely and in compliance with CASA’s regulations.
  4. Drone Hardware and Software: C3 will supply your business with the appropriate drone hardware and software tailored to your specific needs. This may include advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, redundant systems, and real-time telemetry to enhance the safety and efficiency of BVLOS operations.
  5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: C3 will offer ongoing support and maintenance services for your drone hardware, ensuring it remains in optimal working condition. This includes regular firmware updates, troubleshooting, and repairs when needed.

BVLOS Australia

By providing a comprehensive package that covers drone hardware, software, regulatory support, training, and ongoing maintenance, C3 Drones and Robotics can help your business maximise the ROI on your drone investment. This streamlined approach will allow you to focus on leveraging the benefits of BVLOS operations, such as improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and access to previously unreachable locations. For more information please reach out to C3 Drones and Robotics for more information.

drone in a box security

Drone In A Box Security

Revolutionising Security: The Emergence of Drone-in-a-Box Technology

The need for effective and efficient security solutions has never been greater. Drone-in-a-box (DiaB) technology is revolutionising the way we approach security and surveillance, providing unparalleled monitoring capabilities. This cutting-edge technology consists of a self-contained system that includes an autonomous drone, a charging station or battery swapping capabilities, and a secure weatherproof enclosure. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and potential applications of drone-in-a-box technology in the security industry.

DJI Dock Australia

Features of Drone-in-a-Box Technology:

  1. Autonomous Operation: These drones are designed to function autonomously, with minimal human intervention. They can follow pre-programmed flight paths, respond to specific triggers, and even avoid obstacles using advanced computer vision algorithms. They also have the ability to be operated from a remote operations center or (ROC) keeping security personnel out of harm’s way.
  2. Rapid Deployment: DiaB systems allow for quick deployment, as the drone can be launched directly from its enclosure. This enables security personnel to respond to incidents more rapidly than traditional methods.
  3. Real-time Data Streaming: Equipped with high-resolution cameras, thermal imaging, and other sensors, these drones can provide live video feeds and data to security personnel, enhancing situational awareness.
  4. Recharge and Docking: Once the drone completes its mission, it autonomously returns to its secure enclosure for recharging or battery swapping and storage, ensuring it’s always ready for the next mission.
  5. Scalable Solutions: Drone-in-a-box technology is easily scalable, allowing for the deployment of multiple units to cover larger areas or to work in tandem for enhanced security.

Benefits of Drone-in-a-Box Technology in Security:

  1. Enhanced Surveillance: Drones offer a bird’s-eye view of a given area, enabling security personnel to monitor hard-to-reach or inaccessible locations.
  2. Cost-effective: By automating routine security tasks, drone-in-a-box technology can reduce the need for large security teams, leading to significant cost savings.
  3. Increased Safety: Drones can be deployed to assess potentially hazardous situations, such as fires or chemical leaks, keeping human security personnel out of harm’s way.
  4. 24/7 Monitoring: DiaB systems can provide round-the-clock security coverage, ensuring constant vigilance.
  5. Deterrent Effect: The presence of security drones can deter potential criminals, as they know their activities are likely to be detected and recorded.

Potential Applications of Drone-in-a-Box Technology in Security:

  1. Perimeter Security: Drone-in-a-box systems can effectively monitor the perimeters of industrial facilities, airports, prisons, and other high-security areas.
  2. Event Security: Drones can help provide situational awareness and crowd control during large events, such as concerts or sports games.
  3. Emergency Response: These drones can be used to assess natural disasters or accidents and provide real-time information to first responders.
  4. Infrastructure Monitoring: DiaB technology can be used to inspect critical infrastructure, such as bridges, power lines, and pipelines, for potential security threats or maintenance needs.

DiaB technology is transforming the landscape of security and surveillance, offering a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient solution for various security needs. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative applications and improvements that will further solidify the role of drone-in-a-box systems in the security industry. If you’re considering drone-in-a-box solutions, C3 Drones and Robotics offers a wide range of systems and valuable insights, thanks to their extensive experience with various drone-in-a-box systems and securing regulatory approvals for numerous first-of-its-kind operations. Contact C3 Drones and Robotics to discuss your DiaB requirements today

DeltaQuad - C3 Drones and Robotics

DeltaQuad Australia

DeltaQuad Australia: Has Arrived at C3 Drones and Robotics

DeltaQuad Australia. Exciting news! C3 Drones and Robotics is proud to announce the arrival of DeltaQuad, a groundbreaking addition to our product line. Designed to take the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to new heights, the DeltaQuad offers unparalleled performance, adaptability, and ease of use. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes DeltaQuad so special and why it’s the perfect choice for long-range surveillance or mapping missions.

A New Era of Drone Technology: DeltaQuad Australia

The DeltaQuad is a unique hybrid UAV that combines the benefits of both multirotor and fixed-wing aircraft. This innovative design allows for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from aerial photography to surveying and inspection tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Performance: The DeltaQuad is designed to offer incredible performance, with a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and a flight time of up to 4.5 hours with the EVO dual battery model. This extended flight time and speed open new possibilities for long-range missions and rapid response operations.
  2. Superior Stability and Control: Equipped with cutting-edge flight control systems, the DeltaQuad provides exceptional stability. Its intuitive control interface makes piloting a breeze, even for beginners.
  3. Customisable Payloads: DeltaQuad’s modular design allows for easy payload customization. It supports a wide variety of sensors and cameras, making it suitable for a range of applications, including aerial photography, agricultural monitoring, and search and rescue operations.
  4. Smooth Transition Between Flight Modes: The DeltaQuad seamlessly transitions between hover and forward flight, ensuring a stable and efficient flight experience.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: With its electric propulsion system, the DeltaQuad is not only quiet but also environmentally friendly. Its low-noise operation makes it suitable for use in sensitive ecological areas.

Why Choose DeltaQuad at C3 Drones and Robotics:

By choosing C3 Drones and Robotics as your go-to source for the DeltaQuad, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Expert Support: Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to provide guidance and support, from choosing the right drone to troubleshooting any issues.
  2. Comprehensive Training: C3 Drones and Robotics offers comprehensive training programs to ensure you get the most out of your DeltaQuad. From basic flight skills to advanced mission planning, we have you covered.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance and Service: We understand the importance of keeping your drone in top shape. Our experienced technicians provide routine maintenance and repairs to keep your DeltaQuad flying smoothly.
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Regulatory assistance to ensure you can achieve the maximum return on investment from your DeltaQuad

The DeltaQuad is a game-changing addition to the drone market, and we’re thrilled to offer it at C3 Drones and Robotics. With its innovative design, unparalleled performance, and versatility, it’s the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Visit us today to learn more about the DeltaQuad and experience the future of drones and robotics firsthand!

DJI Enterprise Dock

DJI Enterprise Dock

The world of drone technology is constantly evolving, and C3 Drones and Robotics are leading the way by offering innovative solutions that cater to various industries. With the recent release of the DJI Enterprise Dock, a game-changing automated drone in a box system, C3 Drones and Robotics has the opportunity to further enhance its offerings. In this blog post, we’ll explore how C3 Drones and Robotics can package the new DJI Dock into its offerings and revolutionise the drone industry.

DJI Enterprise Dock – A Brief Overview

The DJI Enterprise Dock is a cutting-edge technology developed by DJI. Designed to streamline drone operations by adding autonomous operation capabilities, this docking system enables automatic takeoff, landing, and battery charging for the DJI’s M30 series of drones from a ruggedised drone-in-a-box system. The DJI enterprise dock can also be integrated and operated from a ROC (Remote Operations Centre). The DJI Dock offers seamless integration into various workflows, catering to industries like agriculture, infrastructure, security, and mining.

C3 Drones Robotics – Pioneering Drone Solutions

C3 Drones Robotics is a tech-savvy company that specialises in drone technology and robotic solutions. Committed to offering the latest and most advanced services, C3 Drones Robotics keeps an eye on industry trends and breakthroughs. With the availability of the DJI Enterprise Dock,  C3 Drones and Robotics stands out in its ability to incorporate this technology into clients’ operations. By leveraging strong partnerships with software providers, and regulatory experts, and through their own extensive experience in first-of-its-kind drone-in-a-box applications, C3 Drones and Robotics delivers exceptional value to its clients.

Integrating DJI Dock into C3 Drones and Robotics Packages

By incorporating the DJI Enterprise Dock into new or existing workflows, C3 Drones and Robotics can significantly enhance its clients’ drone operations. Here are some of the ways this integration can benefit different industries:

  1. Agriculture: With the DJI Dock, farmers can automate aerial surveys for crop monitoring,  livestock counting which allows for more efficient data collection and analysis. C3 Drones and Robotics can provide a complete package that includes drone hardware, software, training, and regulatory considerations.
  2. Infrastructure: The DJI Dock can streamline inspection processes for large infrastructure projects. By integrating the dock into its services, C3 Drones Robotics can offer a comprehensive solution that simplifies aerial inspections and minimises the need for manual intervention
  3. Mining: Automated stockpile volumetrics, emergency investigation or security applications are more than accessible remotely, through the use of this drone-in-a-box solution all from the comfort of a Remote Operations Centre (ROC).
  4. Security: Scheduled missions can be used to patrol and protect valuable assets, such as pipelines, storage facilities, or construction sites. By conducting regular aerial patrols, security teams can identify potential vulnerabilities, such as breaches in fencing or unauthorised vehicles, and address them before they become a more significant issue.

The Future of Drone Services with C3 Drones & Robotics and the DJI Dock

By integrating the DJI Enterprise Dock into its packages, C3 Drones Robotics can confidently offer another world-beating system into its inventory. By streamlining drone operations and maximising efficiency, this powerful combination is set to redefine the way businesses and organisations leverage drone technology. As C3 Drones and Robotics continue to innovate and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape, clients can expect even more cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of drone services.

The integration of the DJI Enterprise Dock into C3 Drones and Robotics’ offerings promises a new era in drone technology. By offering comprehensive solutions that harness the power of the DJI Dock, C3 Drones and Robotics is poised to transform industries and redefine the way we utilise drone autonomy. For further details, feel free to reach out to C3 Drones and Robotics to discuss your needs and considerations for implementing such a drone-in-a-box solution.

DJI Enterprise Dock

DJI Dock Australia – Pathway to Autonomy

DJI Dock Australia – Introducing the DJI Dock for Matrice 30, an innovative automated docking solution for the DJI M30 series of drones. With this drone-in-a-box system, you can easily set up fully automated and pre-programmed flights for your DJI M30 Series drone (Dock Version) that can be remotely monitored and supervised from a Remote Command Centre. After configuring the system, your fully charged M30 drone can take off from the DJI Dock and execute pre-programmed automatic missions up to 7 km away using FlightHub 2 or any other third-party software provider. This opens up new possibilities for aerial applications that require efficient and autonomous operations, such as surveying, inspection, and mapping.

Key Features

  • Quick Charging: The DJI M30 drone automatically recharges in its dock and is ready to fly in just 25 minutes after landing. With a full charge, the M30 can fly for up to 40 minutes.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof Design: The DJI Dock Australia is rated IP55 and the internal components are rated IP67, providing waterproof and dustproof protection even when the dock is open. The M30 Series Dock Version can withstand wind speeds of up to 15 m/s.
  • Versatile Data Capture: The M30 Series Dock Version comes with wide, zoom, and thermal cameras (M30T only), as well as a laser rangefinder, allowing for flexible data capture.
  • Environmental Adaptability: The M30 Dock’s interior is climate-controlled, ensuring safe charging temperatures even in extreme temperatures ranging from -35°C to 50°C.
  • 4G Connectivity: The Dock’s connectivity can be extended with an optional external 4G dongle.
  • Emergency Power Supply: In case of a power outage, the Dock’s internal battery takes over to ensure that the M30 can safely land from its mission.
  • Integrated Design: The Dock is packed with highly integrated hardware, including a wide-angle security camera, weather station, omnidirectional antenna, RTK module, and edge computing expansion slot, improving functionality.
  • Cloud API: The Dock’s Cloud API allows developers and system integrators to customise and set up a private server for their specific needs.

Complete Packages

C3 Drones and Robotics offers complete packages for drone-in-a-box operations, based on our extensive experience in conducting multiple first-of-kind projects. We have a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements for achieving beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) approvals and are partnered with Hover UAV to provide regulatory pathways assisting clients to get the most return on their expensive investments.

Our team of experts is committed to helping you maximise the potential of your investment by offering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. We have established strong relationships with third party software providers, enabling us to provide you with the latest and most effective technologies available or options that may not have been thought of.

With C3 Drones and Robotics, you can trust in our proven track record and technical expertise to deliver successful projects that meet your business requirements. Our complete packages offer a comprehensive and reliable solution for your drone operations. If you are wanting to come look at the DJI dock or any other hardware, or software solutions please arrange a time by contacting C3 Drones and Robotics or alternatively email:-

hydrogen fuel powered drones

Hydrogen Fuel Powered Drones

The UAV industry is experiencing a groundbreaking innovation with the emergence of hydrogen fuel powered drones. These drones utilise hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity to drive their brushless motors and propellers, unlike traditional lithium-ion battery-powered drones. With longer flight times, faster recharging, and zero emissions, hydrogen drones offer numerous advantages.

At the forefront of this cutting-edge technology are C3 | Drones and Robotics, an Australian-based drone supplier in collaboration with Doosan Mobility Innovation, a South Korean robotics manufacturer. The two recently showcased Doosan’s latest hydrogen drone technology at a demonstration day in Brisbane, revealing the DP30M2S power pack, a hydrogen-powered drone capable of flying up to two hours on a single charge. The power pack is equipped with two hydrogen fuel cells that convert hydrogen gas into electricity to power its brushless motors and propellers. The drone’s advanced software and lightweight design also allow it to fly quietly and maneuver in tight spaces, making it ideal for mining, surveying, and delivery services.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides several benefits over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Hydrogen fuel cells can be refueled much faster, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. They do not produce any harmful emissions, making them more eco-friendly than traditional batteries. Furthermore, hydrogen is an abundant and renewable energy source, making hydrogen-fuel-powered drones more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

Doosan Mobility Innovation showcased its hydrogen fuel cell technology at the demonstration day, highlighting its potential applications in various industries such as transportation, logistics, and energy. The company’s technology is already powering hydrogen-powered ships and hydrogen fuel cell forklifts.

The collaboration between C3 | Drones and Robotics and Doosan Mobility Innovation demonstrates the potential of hydrogen-fuel-powered drones to revolutionise the UAV industry. As the demand for unmanned aerial services continues to grow, the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology is playing a crucial role in meeting the industry’s evolving needs.

hydrogen fuel powered drones

With hydrogen fuel-powered drones becoming a game-changer in the UAV industry, more companies are exploring the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology. We can expect to see a range of innovative applications in the coming years, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

If you are requiring more information about hydrogen drones please do not hesitate to reach out to C3 | Drones and Robotics for more information.


ParaZero Now Available at C3 Drones & Robotics

ParaZero is a world-leading provider of parachutes designed for Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). C3 Drones and Robotics have proudly announced today the availability of ParaZero parachute systems as they are the perfect fit for clients wanting to get the most from their drone programs and increase safety.

ParaZero offers smart and effective solutions to address the industry’s safety challenges by designing best-in-class autonomous drone safety systems to keep bystanders on the ground safe and protect the drone against critical failures. They supply parachutes for the Mavic, Phantom, M300 and even have custom solutions to address your requirements.

SafeAir uses independent sensors to continuously monitor the drone’s flight data for anomalies. When critical failures are detected, a series of autonomous safety measures are triggered. These include:-

  • The patented parachute deployment mechanism opens to full canopy in fractions of a second.
  • The audio buzzer is activated to warn bystanders to move out of harm’s way (depending on the model).
  • The drone is brought safely to the ground with minimal impact energy.

How Does it Work?

In the event of a problem, ParaZero will cut power to the drone’s motors to avoid laceration injuries and entanglement in the parachute’s cords. It does this using a Flight Termination System (FTS). Once the power to the motors is cut, it will then deploy the parachute which is aided by a patented ballistic parachute launcher that can fully open the canopy in a fraction of a second. Then the system will sound an alarm that warns bystanders below about incoming danger from above giving them ample time to move out of harm’s way again depending on the model of the parachute installed. Your drone will then land safely with the use of the parachute.

Just like larger aircraft, the SafeAir system has a black box and in the event of a problem, a post-flight incident report is created so you can analyze what happened after your flight again depending on the model of ParaZero parachute installed.

ParaZero’s vision is to use the SafeAir drone safety technology to unlock the full potential of the commercial UAS industry through enhancing operational safety, mitigating risk, and enabling organizations to benefit from regulatory approvals for advanced UAS use cases, including drone delivery, operations over people, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

Percepto - AIM

Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring

Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring

Percepto AIM – Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring. When most people think of Percepto they think of class-leading hardware built to withstand the rigors of even the most inhospitable environments. However, it is little known that Percepto is not only a manufacturer of groundbreaking hardware but they are actually a software company. As such they have created a product for Autonomous Site Inspection & Monitoring (AIM). AIM intends to bring the only end-to-end visual data management solution from capture to insight. It does this by automating and unifying visual data collected by any device. Any drone. Any robot. Any sensor or camera. All in one place. A revolutionary approach to looking at your site based on its assets and pain points, not flights and mission numbers. The beauty of AIM is that it can be configured to utilise and gather valuable insights from already existing sensors placed across the site such as from CCTV cameras, ground robotics, or even other drones in the fleet. Yes, you heard it right “other drones”. Percepto understands that sites may possess a number of different drones across one site. As such they have integrated the ability to plan and fly missions with your existing drones or robots with geo-referenced data gathered and uploaded then anaysed by AIM, unified, and converted into actionable insights.

Percepto AIM – Artificial Intelligence Insight Manager

AI Intelligence insight manager uses sophisticated AI and deep-learning algorithms to deliver industry-specific intelligence. Artificial intelligence monitoring is the result of an AI-powered algorithm analyzing data on any process or operation. By using AI to analyze the data, the analysis is fully automated, generating insights on the process, asset, or operation being monitored.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Ready

In Australia, Percepto has already achieved a BVLOS approval or waiver to operate their autonomous AIR MAX drone and base station. Not only have they received this BVLOS approval but approval to operate from a remote command center (ROC).  The achievement significantly adds value in the Australian market where many facilities are in remote locations. As a result, companies are increasingly introducing remote operations to manage, monitor, and secure their sites. The approval will also enable high-risk sites such as mines and refineries to better manage safety and environmental risks while increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Wanting to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about Percepto be it their hardware or software solutions please do not hesitate to gain contact for more information. C3 Drones and Robotics comes with a vast amount of experience operating the Percepto system across Australia and as such has a wealth of knowledge on the autonomous capabilities and data insights that Percepto can offer.



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